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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Welcome to PC Distrib!

The last carburetor for cars was built in Brazil 15 years ago in 1995. Fuel injection is now the standard that all cars use. This created a problem: How to find quality parts for cars manufactured before 1995? The answer: "Call the P & C Distributor Parts Ltd!

Since 1996 P & C Distribution offers its clients quality, friendship and respect. We serve a vast and diversified fleet of old cars and present and offer all types of remanufactured parts with fast delivery throughout Brazil and abroad .. Our difference is our products with excellent quality, prompt service and ability to our customer service. The reason is that P & C Distribution sees each client the opportunity to make a new friend, or someone who buys parts not only by necessity but also values the respect with which it is addressed and confidence in the quality in every case it receives.

13 years of hard work in winning every friendship, much respect, and excellent quality!


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